1. Why Star Citizen will rock!

    First of all, let me get introductions done!
    I will update this thread with new stuff I learn.

    What the heck is Star Citizen?!

    Here's a small contemplary vid by Chris Roberts (the dude that made WingCommander, Freelancer, Starlancer, Privateer and before the X Wing Alliance series)

    Okay got it, what does that mean, WOW in space?!

    If you want to talk in game metaphors, ...

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  2. Mass Effect 3: You were supposed to be the chose one...

    Okay, I love the Mass Effect franchise, I really do.
    I enjoyed the first game as much as I enjoyed the second one and was anxious for the third.
    Granted 2 lost alot of RPG feeling, but it also lost shitloads of annoying gathering missions and got rid of a crappy UI.

    To start off I have to say I enjoyed Mass Effect 3 too, overall I spent 40+ hours in the game(incl. all DLCs), never felt it was a drag or that the game forced me to do something I don't want to.
    Also I ...

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