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  1. Affinios's Avatar
    gratz zum neuen job herr basti! feine sache. hamburg könnte ich mir selbst vorstellen zu leben. geile stadt. da kommt ein bisschen neid auf

    jetzt kommts ja echt dicke. neuer job. neuer wohnort. wünsche dir dass der umzug glatt läuft und du gut ankommst.

    schau doch bei zeiten mal im ts vorbei
  2. Deadlift's Avatar
    Hm mal in Reihe:
    Och ne...
    Weil ichs geil fand/finde aber ich hab dafür einfach wieder keine Zeit.
    Sprung 2 Themen
    Doctor Who steht immer noch an... Aber ich bin nedmal durch Breaking Bad durch.
    Noch mit dem 4er beschäftigt, eventuell setz ich das 5er aus.

    Schade... Nu muss ich nach Hamburg dackeln um dich zu treffen...
    Aber cool das kann sich ja durchaus lohnen im CV.

    Finden schon irgendwann wiedern Game das uns zusammen bringt.

    So long!
    For now...
  3. did's Avatar
    Ich hab noch was belustigendes gefunden:

    Stop The Cyborgs

    1. It could destroy whatever shreds of privacy we have left.
    -- You know, you don't have to wear it during intercourse
    2. It will hold more people needlessly accountable for easily pardonable activities.
    -- If the world needs to know about the party last night, at least post some pictures!
    3. It is remarkably easy to steal a pair of glasses.
    -- This reason is top 3?!
    4. It gives Google far more personal information than it needs to know.
    -- As if your search history isn't telling enough.
    5. It will open new possibilities for online sexual extortion.
    -- First: If you don't like your Wee-Wee to be filmed, turn and take it off while weeing. Second: I think you mean harassment and there's one simple advice: Think before open any strange weblinks, for gods sake.
    6. It may increase violence.
    -- See my Blogpost.
    7. It will discourage personal risk.
    -- How? Seriously, how?!
    8. We have no idea what health problems Glass will create.
    -- Could cure the hump on my back and my posture, because i don't have to stare down on my cellphone.
    9. It may increase violations of doctor-patient confidentiality and attorney-client privilege.
    -- See point 1.
    10. It could be hacked.
    -- So could your cellphone, get over it.
    11. It will discourage anonymity.
    -- Is there something in the contract that says: "YOU NO SHARE, YOU NO OWN!"
    12. It isn’t distinct enough from the body.
    -- Tell me how the video-helmet from Star Trek 7 can profit my health.
    13. It could give the police far more details about you than you can possibly know.
    -- Seems like someone has seen "Surrogates" lately.
    14. It will discourage kindness and respect.
    -- So it is a weapon of mass destruction for the everlasting flamewar - My mind is blown!
    15. Artists will be held more accountable for material that “offends.”
    -- What?
    16. It may kill off what remains of the moviegoing experience.
    -- You know, you can take this thing off if you want, right? It isn't attached to your skull.
    17. It will create problems with consent.
    -- Great, now they're starting to make things up.
    18. Cool places will be outed by boors.
    19. It will discourage people from paying attention.
    -- It will just be more subtle to be less interested in you.
    20. It will turn more strangers into stalkers.
    -- So the device will encourage someone to follow me around? Ok, that's creepy!
    21. It will create more cyberbullying and stress.
    -- Is it really that hard to be nice to someone?
    22. It could make you more willing to believe lies.
    -- You want the truth? You can't find the truth anywhere!
    23. It will create more needless distraction.
    -- Point 19.
    24. It will expand the Streisand effect to an unprecedented level.
    -- You know it's just a screen and a camera, right? To shitstorm someone you need to interact on your own.
    25. It could prevent people from discovering themselves.
    -- This doesn't even make sense.
    26. It will discourage people from seeking unfamiliar viewpoints.
    -- In other Words: It could encourage people to not think for themselves anymore? Shocking!
    27. It could create another place where advertisement takes over our lives.
    -- I seriously expect the Dream Commercials from Futurama within the next 30 years.
    28. It will create needless competition over who has the most worthwhile life experience.
    -- Isn't this what Facebook was made for?
    29. It will discourage people from striking up conversations with strangers.
    -- My Mom always said: Don't talk to strangers! ... oh, and Point 19 again.
    30. It could discourage companies from hiring people.
    -- If the current Facebook-Profile couldn't the device won't do it either.
    31. It will create unfair advantages for online retailers.
    -- Tell me what is fair about looking up stuff I see in a store in an online portal with current technology?
    32. It could usher in a new form of vertical integration and that does not compensate talent.
    -- If you hire or befriend people because of their online-profile you have some more serious issues at hand.
    33. It will make driving dangerous.
    -- Ok, we can make a law out of that ... and Point 16.
    34. It could attempt to erase people in need from existence, as well as serious problems that we cannot ignore.
    -- In other words: You pay less attention to your surroundings? This I give to you, but head- and cellphones did a pretty good job so far.
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