Why Star Citizen will rock!

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First of all, let me get introductions done!
I will update this thread with new stuff I learn.

What the heck is Star Citizen?!

Here's a small contemplary vid by Chris Roberts (the dude that made WingCommander, Freelancer, Starlancer, Privateer and before the X Wing Alliance series)

Okay got it, what does that mean, WOW in space?!

If you want to talk in game metaphors, it is going to be a freelancer with Wing Commander controls.

- Hur Durr I no played Wing Commander or Freelancer...

Well skippy you missed awesome game series, but then let me describe it differently.

Freelancer was GTA in space!
You could choose what kind of a pilot you wanted to be.
You could go military, find any pirate or syndicate and fly missions for them, or you could go bounty hunting, or trading across the 53 (!) starsystems, whatever you liked.
The thing that made Freelancer stand out was that it was controlled with mouse + keyboard, and it actually worked.

Now Wing Commander was a classical SP game, great story even with real actors (Mark Hamill as Colonel Christopher Blair), tons of ships to fly, virtual killboards , achievments etc.
(We are talking about a game from the 90s here!)

So what Star Citizen gives us is a combination of the two, a great story, a spaceship that you can customize / upgrade and operate with multiple people, and star systems full of space sandboxing goodness.
PLUS it's an MMO!

Now some Facts that make this great already:

  • There is an SP campaign that can be flown coop with friends, 45 missions
  • After you are done with campaign it turns to a open world MMO, 100 star systems to explore !
  • You can chose to NOT play SP, or play it when you want later on
  • If you jump into unknown universe parts, the system gets named after you
  • already 18 Million raised in crowd funding!
  • Can be played with a gamepad / joystick
  • There will be fuel shortages, and you need to watch your fuel not to run out mid space
  • Tankers can supply refill infight for credits - player controlled tankers
  • It is developed for PC, not ported
  • There is a dynamic bounty system, players can get bounty on their head
  • You can disable and salvage foreign players spaceships and add them to your hangar
  • Ships can be boarded, and you then need to fight for your ship on your ship
  • Spacestations can be taken over, and controlled by guilds in PVP
  • Some ships need to be operated by several crew, meaning players(!). Biggest ship I have needs 4
  • There is corvettes that need to be operated with 10 people
  • Corvettes and bigger starships have a Command & Control Center, overvieweing your whole squad!
  • VIP star systems - dunno what that means yet
  • They raised 250.000 USD in 9 minutes selling limited ships, individual pricing 1000 USD
  • Guilds / Squadrons have already formed and some over 200 members high already did their ships layouts and fleet planing
  • You can loose your ship if it is not insured, and it may be recovered from the battlefield if you're lucky (think of Eve)
  • Hibernation mode, you can log out in deep space and safe your ship
  • There will be ground battles on certain planets
  • Cryengine 3
  • No realms, matchmaking and instances
  • Tablet App, linked to your account
  • Oculus Rift Support
  • Modular Game Launch (see below)

Modular Launches; What does that mean?

The game will be released in modules, the first module already being released:

  • Your Hangar that contains all your so far pledged ships.

The next modules that are being released are, as we know now:

  • The Dogfighting Module (estimated December 2013)

  • The Social/Planetside Module (estimated March–April 2014)

  • Squadron 42/Singleplayer Alpha (estimated August 2014)

  • Persistent Universe/Beta (estimated end of 2014/early 2015)

  • Final Release (estimated Q1 2015) - Full commercial release of both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen.

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